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ADAMS FOOD $EN$E is a program of the Food Bank of Central New York and the Rohde Center. ADAMS FOOD $EN$E offers everyone the opportunity to stretch their food budget dollars by purchasing delicious food at a discount.

Everyone is eligible to purchase food from ADAMS FOOD $EN$E, including senior citizens, college students, singles, disabled, shut-ins, and working and military families. There are NO income requirements! If you eat, you qualify! FOOD $EN$E is a food co-op for everyone.


Please note the following changes to this month’s Food $en$e package.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic which is causing substantial supply chain issues, a few items in the F$ package were available in lower quantities than what was originally ordered from the supplier. As noted each month, product is always subject to availability.

As such, the turkey pan roast, mashed potatoes, canned sweet potatoes and pie shells in the package that were advertised may not be available for all participants. Any time a substitution is required, our goal is to ensure that a comparable alternative is provided.

If affected, the customer may receive a whole five-pound chicken, fresh potatoes and a whole apple pie.

Projected Package

Turkey Pan Roast, 2 lbs
Tilapia Fillets, 1 lb
Ground Pork, 1 lb
Home-style Stuffing, 22 oz
Mashed Potatoes, 32 oz
Turkey Gravy, 15 oz
Sweet Potatoes, 15 oz
Cranberry Sauce, 15 oz
Canned Corn, 15 oz
Pie Shells, 2 ct
Fresh Produce 1#
Fresh Produce 2#

Alternate Package

*Whole Chicken, 5 lbs (avg)
Tilapia Fillets, 1 lb
Ground Pork, 1 lb
Home-style Stuffing, 22 oz
*Fresh White Potatoes, 5 lbs
Turkey Gravy, 15 oz
*Diced Sweet Potatoes, 16 oz
Cranberry Sauce, 15 oz
Canned Corn, 15 oz
*Apple Pie, 22 oz
Fresh Carrots, 1 lb
Fresh Onions, 2 lbs
*Possible substitutions

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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  1. Check here at adamsfoodsense.com or at the Rohde Center for the coming month's food package.
  2. Order Online below or Pre-Pay $20.50 in cash, money order or EBT for each Basic Unit plus any specials you may want. No refund or credit on food not picked up.
  3. On delivery day, pick up your ADAMS FOOD $EN$E order at the Rohde Center between 3:00 and 4:00 PM.

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December 4th, 2020

December 17th, 2020


December Basic Unit

- Pork Tenderloin, 1.7 lbs. (avg.)
- Chicken Drumsticks, 3 lbs (avg.)
- Fish Sticks, 1 lb.
- Ground Turkey, 1 lb.
- Fresh Eggs, 1 dozen
- Honey Nut Cereal, 12.9 oz.

- Pancake Mix, 32 oz.
- Apple Juice, 64 oz.
- Frozen Strawberries, 16 oz.
- Frozen Diced Potatoes, 16 oz.
- Fresh Produce
- Fresh Produce

Cost: $20.50/Unit

December Special #1

Spiral Ham
8-10 lbs.

Cost: $21.00

December Special #2

Italian Meatballs
5 lbs.

Cost: $12.50

December Special #3

Stuffed Chicken Breast
2 lbs.

Cost: $8.50

December Special #4

Breakfast Sausage
3 lbs.

Cost: $8.00

December Special #5

Mozzarella Sticks
2 lbs.

Cost: $6.50

December Special #6

Stuffed Shells
4 lbs.

Cost: $6.00

Specials Info:

Spiral Ham: 8-10 lbs. (avg.) for $21.00 - The spiral hams average between eight & ten pounds per special.
Italian Meatballs: 5 lbs. for $12.50 - The Italian meatballs are fully cooked and are in a five pound bag. Stuffed
Chicken Breast: 2 lbs. for $8.50 - The chicken breasts are stuffed with apples and cranberries.
Breakfast Sausage: 3 lbs. for $8.00 - The breakfast sausage is made locally in Utica, NY.
Mozzarella Sticks: 2 lbs. for $6.50 - The mozzarella sticks are par-cooked and ready for the oven or fryer.
Stuffed Shells: 4 lbs. for $6.00 - The stuffed shells are stuffed with a ricotta cheese filling.

For more information and great recipes for this month’s food, check out the CNY Food Bank Monthly newsletter here.

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More than one Basic Unit can be purchased. In addition to the Basic Unit, special items are available for purchase also. Food pick up is at the Rohde Center. Please bring a box, bag or basket for the Basic Units. Special items come prepackaged.

There will be a $1.00 handling charge per order added to your shopping cart when ordering online.