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ADAMS FOOD $EN$E is a program of the Food Bank of Central New York and the Rohde Center. ADAMS FOOD $EN$E offers everyone the opportunity to stretch their food budget dollars by purchasing delicious food at a discount.

Everyone is eligible to purchase food from ADAMS FOOD $EN$E, including senior citizens, college students, singles, disabled, shut-ins, and working and military families. There are NO income requirements! If you eat, you qualify! FOOD $EN$E is a food co-op for everyone.

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Check here at adamsfoodsense.com or at the Rohde Center for the coming month's food package.
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Order Online below or Pre-Pay $20.50 in cash, money order or EBT for each Basic Unit plus any specials you may want. No refund or credit on food not picked up.
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On delivery day, pick up your ADAMS FOOD $EN$E order at the Rohde Center between 3:00 and 4:00 PM.
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May 12, 2017

May 15, 2017

May 25, 2017


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Orders are processed through PayPal.
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Once you add an item to the cart, click on the “X” in upper left corner to close the cart and continue shopping.
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There will be a $1.00 handling charge per order added to your shopping cart at check out when ordering online.

May Basic Unit

- Pork Tenderloin, 1.8 lbs. (avg)
- Chicken Drumsticks, 3.2 lbs. (avg)
- Crab Cakes, 12 oz.
- Ground Beef, 1 lb.
- Hot Dogs, 1 lb.
- Fresh Macaroni Salad, 16 oz.

- Pork & Beans, 15 oz.
- Beef & Vegetable Soup, 18.5 oz.
- Frozen Green Beans, 16 oz.
- Frozen Strawberries, 1 lb.
- Fresh Produce
- Fresh Produce

Cost: $20.50/Unit

May Special #1

Chicken Tender Fritters
5 lbs.

Cost: $6.75

May Special #2

Italian Meatballs
5 lbs.

Cost: $13.00

May Special #3

Protein Pantry Box

Cost: $14.00

May Special #4

Onion Rings
2.5 lbs.

Cost: $5.50

May Special #5

Turkey Burgers
2 lbs.

Cost: $6.25

May Special #6

Italian Sausage
3 lbs.

Cost: $10.50

May Special #7

Hot Pockets
12/8 oz Sandwiches

Cost: $17.50

Specials Info:

Chicken Tender Fritters: 5 lbs. for $6.75 - The chicken fritters are breaded and can be used in the fryer or oven.
Italian Meatballs: 5 lbs. for $13.00 - The Italian meatballs are fully-cooked; just heat and serve.
Protein Box: $14.00 - The Protein Box contains: chicken breast (bone-in) 4 lbs., Haddock fillets 1 lb., ground turkey 1 lb., beef sandwich steaks 10.5 oz., and bologna 1 lb.
Onion Rings: 2.5 lbs. for $5.50 - The onion rings are ready to cook and can be used in the oven or fryer.
Turkey Burgers: 2 lbs. for $6.25 - The turkey burgers are a Jennie-O product and are all natural.
Italian Sausage: 3 lbs. for $10.50 - The Italian sausage is a sweet sausage and locally made in Utica, NY.
Hot Pockets: 12/8 oz. sandwiches for $17.50 - The Hot Pockets are Philly Steak with 12 sandwiches per special.

For more information and great recipes for this month’s food, check out the CNY Food Bank Monthly newsletter here.

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More than one Basic Unit can be purchased. In addition to the Basic Unit, special items are available for purchase also. Food pick up is at the Rohde Center. Please bring a box, bag or basket for the Basic Units. Special items come prepackaged.

There will be a $1.00 handling charge per order added to your shopping cart when ordering online.

Need Directions?

2 East Church Street, Adams, New York